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Improving Communication and Relationships Everywhere
Attitude Builders' Monthly Motivators  $69.00
Managers share a common problem: putting together a quick effective meeting that keeps their team engaged, focused and inspired so they can reach their potential.

This CD holds the answer! With 12 individual lessons on responsibility, customer service, attitude and relationships you can easily provide a short training program at a moments notice. Includes leader's guide, table of contents, and individual PDFs to e-mail to your team in advance or to print off before the meeting. Only $69.00 for a year's worth of training!

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* Dimensions 8.5 x 3.75
* Twelve pages of content
* Three inside pages available for customization
* Developed to be used as a fundraiser
* Fits into a #10 sized envelope
* Can be used as a mini-training program

Inquire about how you can purchase large quantities and customize as a promotional piece by adding your logo to the outside or inserting a message from your president on an inside page. 

Sample Tip # 59
Ask questions. Rather than tell your clients why they should purchase your product, ask them how they see your product or service working for them. Example: "So Mary, tell me how this would apply to your particular business?"
Sample Tip #42
Listen and ask questions more than you speak. No one wants to be around a know-it-all or a bore.

Sample Tip #73
Be in the present moment. When you answer a business or personal call, avoid the temptation to multitask. Avoid checking e-mail, paying bills, or putting away files. Create a place to sit, and give full attention to your caller.
The Builders Series Booklets $29 per 10 pack
Use these booklets to build relationships and build a training program. 
The Builders Series Booklets make a great training tool or client appreciation gift. Chock full of useful and practical information, it's easy to  use tips as a discussion piece for motivating your staff or training your sales team. The Builders Series booklets make great gifts for your business clients. Have a stack handy on your desk to hand out, or mail one out to a client after a business meeting. People throw away cards, but they always keep the Builders Series booklets.  Each booklet has a minimum of 10 pages of 75 useful tips organized into various categories.  Also work great as a table decoration for a meeting or conference! Sold in bundles of 10 for $29.00 + $5.00 Shipping
The Relationship Builder booklet Comes with a FREE 
downloadable "Gratitude Letter" 
Character Builders
Below are some examples of full color character booklets which can be ordered "as is" or ordered in large quantities to promote character in your community. To place an order, please call  417. 831.1799 and ask for Marlene Chism.

What if you could...
  • Say No without feeling guilty
  • Raise your self esteem
  • Increase your confidence
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Set appropriate boundaries
  • Reach your goals 100 % of the time
  • Increase personal productivity
  • Enjoy time with family and friends

 Ready to Eliminate the 7 Sins of Self Betrayal?
If my spouse would just help out...
If my boss would just give me some slack...
If I didn't feel so guilty...
If my mother didn't put so much pressure on me...
If I could just get a little sleep...
make more money...THEN..

When you quit betraying yourself you experience FREEDOM beyond what you ever imagined. I’ve already mentioned a couple of the 7 Sins of Self-Betrayal. 
Digital Download
No Shipping!
Success is a Given: Reading the Signs While Reinventing Your Life

Have you ever said, "There has to be more than this. If I only had a sign?"
The signs are all around you. Just the fact that you are unhappy is a sign you are getting ready to go through a big transition.

This book is an easy read if you are going through a significant change, wanting to reinvent your life. Success is a Given is also a great support tool if you find yourself struggling with an unwanted circumstance such as a death, divorce or loss of career. 

$14.95 Click on picture to be taken directly to
How to Use the Karpman Drama Triangle to Stop Relationship Drama
In this Downloadable Training Program You Will Learn 
  • How to identify the four positions on the Karpman Drama Triangle
  • How to know if you are helping or rescuing
  • What to do to minimize victim behavior
  • How to promote empowerment
  • How to respond to the bully
  • Two things you must do to exit the triangle
  • How these principles work in your personal life
  • How these principles work in your professional life
  • What to do if you work with a difficult boss
  • Why your star performer may be contributing to workplace drama
  • How to identify the red flags indicating drama is about to occur

Includes PDF learning guide, audio MP3, assessment and checklist
7 Ways to Increase Trust and Reduce Workplace Drama
In this Audio Training Program You Will Learn 
  • 7 Trustbusters that crack communication and mash morale
  • 7 Antidotes (what you can do to correct the problem)
  • Two reasons you might be in the dark about unproductive patterns
  • How to keep the rumor-mill from erupting
  • How to implement a character-building program in your company
  • why the lack of humor may be a danger sign indicating low trust

Includes PDF learning guide, audio MP3, assessment and Power Point slides